Powering Profits Through Productivity.

Don’t leave your money on the table.

Some business plans don’t include the developing and monitoring of product pricing and the timely claiming of rebates electronically thus your company leaves money on the table and you hire more personnel than you really need.


Productivity Playbook

A football team can’t function well without a playbook. Got one? Plus, the coaches should know the plays better than anyone.  Do you? And…. Each step in a process should create the precise outcome needed by the next performer in the process for ultimate productivity. Does your team work this way?


Frustrated with your ERP?

Tired of seeing the ERP Providers “Beauty Contest” Presentation? Ask your own questions. Get answers for your business.


What’s Your Productivity Score?

The best way to get your team to take action is to get them to agree on actions needed! Use this tool to score your performance in these critical back room productivity functions!

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Allen Ray

You know about your business. But do you know about how to get Productivity and Sound Growth?


    “Moneyball” for distribution

    When you think of  “Moneyball” the film, it is based on Michael Lewis’ 2003 nonfiction book of the same name, an account of the Oakland Athletics baseball team’s 2002 season and their general manager Billy Beane’s attempts to assemble a competitive team. In the film, Beane (Brad Pitt) and assistant GM Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), […]

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    The Time Killer

                                             The Struggle for Speed When  distributors bought their ERP software system they did all the review the ERP company would let them see, unless you demanded to see a specific function termed: Bi-Directional-ism. Very few distributors understood the value of ‘bi-directional-ism’. So,why is bi-directional-ism important? Because it speeds up your business where the rubber […]

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    Demand Creation Struggles

    For business people who are in the distribution business, it is a struggle as to where to turn your attention when it comes to demand. Focus too much on demand fulfillment and you get pulled into a situation where your customers profess loyalty until the next job comes around. The problem is how do you […]

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    Demand Creator? Or Demand Fulfiller?

    CREATING DEMAND OR….. just FILLING ORDERS? DRIVING NEW DEMAND AND FULFILLING DEMAND REQUIRES DIFFERENT APPROACHES In this dog eat dog world of distribution where everyone fights for market share, the question becomes, “how do you differentiate yourself to drive profitable sales?” Are you like Jerry Maguire, asking “show me the money” and hence asking for […]

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    Handing over Demand

    It tis the New Year of 2015 and most distributors have successfully handed over demand creation to their customers. That’s right. You read it correctly. Very few distributors are actually proactively in the business of demand and value creation. Nay, Nay say some of you. The actual business that distributors are now in, is responding […]

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    Early Planning Pays Off

    Early Planning paid off with higher profits and market gain for 4 out 9 distributors!  Here are the DETAILS This started at a roundtable of varied types of distributors that were meeting online and  discussing the early stages of the massive Economic changes that were later to be a recession. Some dealt with the construction […]

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    Want Better Branches??? Define what you want!

                          Take The Better Branches Survey! By Allen Ray and Neil Gillespie  for www.GrowthWizards.com https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/betterbranches Password: feedthebranches If you do the math on the number of branches controlled by the The Electrical Wholesaling Top 200, you discover that the top 10 companies control a third and […]

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    ERP Evaluations: Not just a Beauty Contest

                  It finally hits you. You can’t go forward any more with your old ERP system. It either doesn’t do the job on it’s  own, or you’ve got so many bolt on programs or modifications that it has become unmanageable. Or, the genius that runs  your homegrown system is […]

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    Amazon Supply is about to strike

    Earlier this June, Amazon Supply re-announced that they were moving into traditional “wholesale distribution markets”. That in it’s self wasn’t the reason for several client phone calls. True, some distributors had signed up to be Amazon Supply fulfillment agents for a lessor commission or stock fee. The real concern was a new cell phone partnered with AT&T […]

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    The High Cost of Low Profits – Part 1

    While this series of articles was written before the beginning of the recession, it has had lasting and en-lighting information for distribution as a whole. In fact several software products were written to solve many of the problems that are explained below. Inventories: Bloated inventories of items that might sell once every two years were […]

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